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Back From The Dead…It’s The Varsity

The 80-year old Varsity Theatre in Chapel Hill is going to reopen! New ownership recently announced that after a renovation, the theater will open around Thanksgiving, and will feature recently released and classic movies for $3.

The former owner closed the theater in June, citing parking deficiencies in Chapel Hill as the main culprit. The new ticket prices are incredibly low, and we’ll see if the new owner can make it work. The lack of parking is an interesting argument given that Chapel Hill is the most transit-friendly town or city between Atlanta and D.C. In Chapel Hill and Carrboro, all local bus trips are free, yet, according to the former owner, people still preferred the convenience of using their car to get somewhere by a certain time. Even the 8,300 students living on campus weren’t interested in using free transit to go use the theater. Interesting.

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