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Merry Christmas!

I hope your holidays have been gogo-good! (more relaxing and good than simply gogo, of course). So far there have been many highlights, but keeping to our subject here, I have to say that my lunch at Ruth’s Chris in North Hills on Wednesday looms large. The blue cheese dressing was fantastic, and the steak was incredible. The 8000-degree plate (or whatever it is) keeps the steak hot through the meal, so it is a meal that keeps on giving. My last bite was every bit has hot as my first bite eventually is when I cook steaks at home. Only two complaints: cold air blasting through the front door sends an arctic wave through the dining room with every door opening. Second, the restaurant needs to have some kind of impressive bread (as opposed to… none). There are ways in which the Angus Barn far exceeds Ruth’s Chris, and the bread category is the first that comes to mind.

Children may have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads, but I have visions of the 12oz NY Strip at Ruth’s Chris in mine.

  • https://pulseandsignal.com Andre Blackman

    I’m a big bread fan but haven’t been to Angus Barn yet – never knew about the hot plate at Ruth’s Chris!

  • Chad

    Vinnie’s is much better than Ruth’s Chris.

  • Dana

    I cant’ disagree with you there. I’ve been to some disappointing Ruth’s Chris meals, but also had some phenomenal ones. We haven’t been to Vinnie’s in ages, and are due to return. Just had to rave about this most recent Ruth’s Chris experience.

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