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Varsity Men’s Wear Moving to North Hills

Varsity Mens Wear , one of the only remaining non-anchor tenants in its original space in Crabtree Valley Mall, is closing up shop and moving to North Hills East in the space next to Charlotte’s. ( That sure is close to Lile’s ) Hopefully they will bring back the tartan carpet!! (not likely)

I am certainly more out of touch with Crabtree than ever, but I can only think of Hudson Belk, Kanki, Merle Norman, and the Hallmark store as being the only remaining original tenants in their original spaces. Is there one I’m missing?

  • steelcity36

    Is Dunkin Donuts in the same spot? Wasn’t it original to the mall?

  • Dana

    Dunkin’ used to be to the right of G.C. Murphy. I think that is now the right half of Pottery Barn now.

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