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Meat House Opens in Cary

meathouse The Meat House, a national butcher chain, is now open in Cary’s Saltbox Village. The store aims to replace our missing neighborhood butcher. As with Trader Joe’s, as soon as this site gets off the ground, the store eyes expansion in the North(ish) Raleigh area. The store is open from 9am to 7pm daily.

  • kim

    Where is the Salt Box Village in Cary?

    Thank you

  • RonT

    I went to this shop last week and overall was very impressed. The meat selection is very broad, as I expected. A concern of mine though was that they do not have a strong selection of grass fed beef. I have grown to prefer it and also see it as a way of making sure my beef did not spend its life miserably in a CAFO (contained animal feeding operation). When I mentioned this to one of the staff, he said they will carry it, but that in his view it tastes like grass. Not a ringing endorsement, so I am likely to still get most of my beef from Whole Foods. That aside, I was happily surprised to see that they are carrying prepared foods made in Sanford, and breads and baked goods that are made locally too. It was much more of a small gourmet grocer than I expected. Perhaps the opinion of one employee will not be reflective of the grass fed beef selection they settle on…I will stay tuned on that.

  • RonT

    Kim – it is on Kildaire Farm Road between Cary Parkway and Maynard. If you are going towards Maynard, it is on the right before you pass the Starbucks. Unlike most stores in Cary, it is actually visible from the road.