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demrep WRAL’s site features a section called “Because It Is Friday: show each other some love today”. I don’t know if this icon exactly expresses the sentiment they intended. I know a few Republicans who would say this is the way things are…

  • Kevin

    That’s great, perfect failblog material.

  • JeffS

    It’s funny to watch the republicans get all twisted over something like this. Their comments look especially odd now that the image has been reversed.

  • Eric

    Can we have an image of politicians just humping USA?

  • Dennis

    It amazes me how people who call themselves progressive become so animalistic when the name republican is mentioned. They regress to a cromagnon state. But anyway, it should be a picture of a donkey humping the American flag. That would be more appropiate.

  • Subway Scoundrel

    One could say, typical Dems, sneak up behind you and then you get xxxxxx. Or one could say, typical repub, lays there and does nothing while screaming and making noise !!!

  • RonT

    I think Eric nailed it. Both parties are screwing the U.S. Granted, the majority of Americans who do not participate in our political process are really the ones who are screwing us all. They are more culpable than any Democrat (I used to call myself one until the Pelosi/Reid show made me ashamed to do so and made me wish I lived in a state with clout, like lets say Nebraska) or Republican (is celebrating that over 42 million people will DEFINITELY remain uninsured due to your “win” in Mass really something to be proud of?).

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