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H&M Opens in Crabtree

H&M This week the first H&M store in the Carolinas opened in Crabtree Valley Mall. The opening day was a zoo, and that fervor is likely to continue through this weekend. The store is located on the lower level in some of the space formerly occupied by Lord & Taylor and Thalheimers.

Triangle Town Center couldn’t let this pass without some store openings of their own. This week they countered Crabtree’s H&M by announcing three new tenants: Hat Lounge, Hershey’s Ice Cream, and As Seen on TV Plus. 😉

  • Daria

    I checked out H&M Friday night, oh my god. I�ve never seen a line that long just to get into the changing rooms. And the line for checkout was just as bad. I did a circle around the store and promptly left. It looks like a good place to buy cheap tee shirts in various colors but that is about it. If you�re over 30 like me, you�ll feel old just walking in there.

  • ct

    Wow, Thalhimers. I haven�t seen a reference to them for a long time! For the newcomers, in the beginning their was Thalhimers� which was acquired by Hechts� which was acquired by Macys. Also, when Crabtree expanded 15 (guess?) years ago, Thalhimers/Hechts moved to their current site from where H&M and the Belks Men�s Store are now.

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