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Bruegger’s Now Open in North Hills East

brueggers[1] The wait for Bruegger’s return to North Hills is over. The bagel chain opened last week in the North Hills East development, in the free-standing building next to the CapTrust Tower. The store has the chain’s usual selection of bagels and sandwiches. This site, unfortunately, sports just two soups, but has a fantastic patio seating area. The store is also touting its coffee, but I was not able to discern any differences in that department versus the selection at other Bruegger’s sites.

  • ct124

    Yawn…17-story tower next to a Bruegger’s. Can’t wait to head over to that side of the development to grab a stale bagel. Vivace, Coquette, 115 Midtown, unique retail and then a Bruegger’s??? Not sure about that selection.

  • Andy

    I think that whole side of the development is very odd. It just doesn’t make sense to me. The Captrust building, which is tallish but also stumpy looking beside the suburban looking Bruegger’s beside the overly long condo building with the strange lights. New urbanist hell!

  • Ivory

    Only people who don’t live at Park & Market or who don’t understand urban development would say that. It’s new, yes, very un-Raleigh but that doesn’t mean it’s awful. Also, Vivace & Coquette are overrated.

  • Junior2

    re: “Only people who don’t live at Park & Market would say the development is odd” ???? So…. A few hundred apartment renters, i.e. the Park & Market renters, should determine whether or not a massive development in the center of the Triangle, which has created a brand new section of Raleigh, (Midtown), is functional, effective, good-looking, with the correct mix of tenants??? With all due respect to Park & Market renters, I don’t think North Hills has become what it is today because of the apartments on site. I don’t think Mr. Kane built his retail mix around what a few hundred renters prefer. There are over 10,000 people at a 1-mile radius of North Hills. With 150,000 cars per day on the beltline alone, North Hills is catering to a much larger base of consumers.

  • Chance

    The new Brueggers at North Hills is awesome! Not your typical bagel shop. Great outdoor seating and beautiful inside – modern decor with comfortable seating around small fireplace. In addition to the standard bagels and sandwiches, they have delicious desserts and cappucino. Great place to catch up with friends.

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