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N.C. State Grad Loses iPhone 4G

Blogs have been on fire this week about the lost and found prototype for the next generation iPhone. Gizmodo posted the background story about the N.C. State grad who apparently lost the top-secret device in a bar on his birthday, and how they obtained it. How embarrassing. What will be interesting to see is if this disappointing, clunky, industrial design is, in fact, the final form factor. (BTW, just how many Gray Powells are running around this town? I think this is the 4th one Iíve encountered.)

  • Lee

    I never minded the leaked design personally. I think it looks like an evolution of Apple designs and while I personally do not hate the side seams, it would look nicer without them. Maybe they will go with a solid ring of metal on the final shipping design. I still think it looks pretty nice overall.

    I do think it was funny that when the pictures first came out on Engadget, people were overwhelmingly hating on it and declaring it a fake. Now that it has more or less been confirmed it is real, the vast majority of people say they love it, with a few still not liking it.

    Not to belittle anyone�s individual opinion, it�s just that the groupthink is strong on this one.

  • Subway Scoundrel

    I think the issue with the flat back is with the curved back, you almost have to have a case on it which makes it even bigger. Maybe with the the flat back, a casing is needed less.

    BTW, I think this is all a scam by Apple and a set up to get publicity. Pretty smart. BTW, one of the higher ups in marketing/PR at Apple is also from Raleigh.

  • Dana

    Yes, SS, I am skeptical about the veracity of this phone being �lost�, too. The story just happened to come out just before the Incredible was announced, yet it was found in the bar over 2 weeks before.

    What�s annoying about this design is that there will have to be yet another inset plate to go with all of the docking stations. At least they�ve stuck with that same 30-pin socket connector (for now).

  • gd

    maybe the iphone will start being carried by someone other than crappy at&t by the time this one comes out.

  • Dana

    I think the only chance of expansion beyond AT&T is the rumored Verizon offering in Sept., a couple of months after this 4th gen device goes out on AT&T. Now, the totally redesigned form factor would actually make sense if Apple were also designing a CDMA version of the phone�s guts. Perhaps that new shell can handle both implementations whereas the current one could not handle the CDMA design.

    Then again maybe they just realized that they HAD to do something about that horrible battery, because the new one definitely has a bigger battery.

    (though this doesn�t correct problems with the browser and its lack of cache, the extreme difficulty one encounters putting media on the device, the inordinately slow sync process, bad wifi connectivity (especially when switching to/from 3G), and absurd policies with the app store).

  • David

    Although the story was a complete scam and I generally hate Apple-hype, I liked it.

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