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Yadkin Bridge Gets Ped Fencing

Yadkin In the wake of 3 area bridge slot deaths in recent years, new fencing recently appeared on the 440 bridges between North Hills and Crabtree that cross Yadkin Drive. According to this document (.pdf), the project is a joint venture between the NCDOT and the City of Raleigh. Other similar situations exist at I-440 crossing Raleigh Blvd and New Bern Avenue over I-440. No word on fencing projects for these two locations.

photo(2) One night in 2005 a Good Samaritan, attempting to aid motorists after a collision, jumped over the bridge median wall, not knowing that the two parallel bridges for unconnected. He fell to his death 40 feet below. This prompted the erection of a pedestrian fence on one bridge, but not the other. A similar incident occurred on November 27, only this time the pedestrian jumped over the remaining unfenced wall and fell to his death. Green pedestrian fencing was installed within a week on that second side of the bridge. A similar situation happened in the 90’s at the bridge slot on Glenwood Avenue crossing Crabtree Creek.

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