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Upscale Bowling Coming to North Hills East

sparians In December North Hills East will bet a bowling ally. However forget those images of The Dude knocking them down with Walter and Donny. This will be a high-end bowling ally. Sparians Bowling Boutique will take undeveloped space across from Bruegger’s in North Hills East. The facility will have 18 lanes featuring sofas, suites, and giant TVs to go with lighting and sound effects. While the place will be family-friendly, my first impression is that it will be to bowling what SportClips is to barbershops, and will be a great addition to the North Hills area.

  • RaleighRob

    Hmmm. I guess it would fit in with the North Hills vibe. But the thought of “upscale” bowling just seems to be a bit oxymoronic for a sport with blue-collar roots. I’ll take the retro/old-fashioned Western Lanes (or whatever it’s called now) anyday. 😉

  • John

    Looks like they are taking a play out of the Lucky Strike playbook. I hope that Sparians has the hip cache of Lucky Strike. I wish this had gone to Glenwood South instead of North Hills. But, North Hills is certainly better than not having another amenity in the area.

  • Bob

    I checked out their Website. Based on the site plan, it looks more like a restaurant with a bowling alley, than vice versa. Frankly, I am not impressed with the concept.

  • kyle

    upscale and bowling are 2 words that should never be associated.

  • Kevin

    I think when push comes to shove, my cheap a** will go for $8 pitchers and $1.50 games at some local dump.

  • Phil

    I think Sparians will be about as “hip” as a TGI Friday’s across the street from a law firm and a hotel convention center hosting a class of ’82 sorority reunion. Or SportClips, for that matter. I’m definitely more a fan of Western Lanes / The Alley’s old-school retro feel and prices. That said, at least this place presumably won’t eat big chunks out of my bowling ball or take 5 tries to set up pins correctly after every throw. And any place that actually serves alcohol is already miles ahead of Buffalo Lanes. Points also for not being located next door to The Foxy Lady.

  • david

    Good idea as long as the plans don’t get munsoned by the parking problems.

  • RonT

    If the lanes work and the prices are too “upscale” this could be fun option. As for Western lanes – nostalgia brought me there once…enough said.

    I do picture the same stuffed shirts “I’m special” attitude I found around North Hills being the biggest reason to stay away.

  • burgeoningfoodie

    It reminds me a little bit of the Jillians in Concord Mills. You know what I want to see… duckpin bowling. Somebody please keep duckpin bowling alive. It’s unique and more of a challenge than normal bowling and doesn’t require anything that seems like it should be in Vegas.

  • Bill M

    Well, I can agree that if you dig Sport Clips, you’ll probably dig upscale bowling in Midtown. I’ll stick with the places with some character, closer to downtown. Man Mur, Professional Barber Shop (Cameron Village) Jimmy The Batman (Hayes Barton Pharmacy basement) and Western Lanes for bowling.

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