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Snoopy’s BOGO Deal Ends Saturday

Snoopy’s BOGO Hot Dog Deal expires on Saturday (7/31), so be sure to use your coupons now! The deal is limited to 10 free hot dogs per coupon, mind you, but is valid at all four Snoopy’s locations.

  • Ben

    Warning: Limit of 40 free hot dogs per page of coupons printed. Seriously, why bother with a limit.

  • RonT

    Why eat there at all? LOL (but true)

  • Subway Scoundrel

    Best Hot Dogs around !!!! That is why you eat at Snoopys. Also, great BLTs on wheat. Pretty good BBQ sandwiches. And the best thing ??/ It stays open late.

  • Redbeard

    Snoopy’s raised their prices and lost my admiration, along with my business.
    The food is ok, but is not worth the price these days.

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