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Friends For Hamid Concert Tonight

Hamid The Pour House is the location for tonight’s Rock Show event to benefit Hamid, of Mo’s Diner fame. (Hamid is dealing with Stage IV lung cancer). The event begins at 4pm and goes until midnight (or so) with performances by eight bands. Most notable on the list are acoustic sets by Greg Humphreys and The Connells, but there is much more!

  • 5:00 Mommie
  • 6:00 Starmount
  • 7:00 Greg Humphreys (acoustic)
  • 8:00 Connells (acoustic)
  • 8:40 Richard Bacchus and the Luckiest Girls
  • 9:30 Maldora
  • 10:20 Static Minds
  • 11:20 Jeanne Jolly

All it takes is a $10 donation at the door to get in (but of course you can do as much as you want!)