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Carol Burnett Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets are now on sale for "Laughter and Reflection With Carol Burnett:  A Conversation with Carol where the Audience Asks the Questions." The Q&A takes place at the DPAC on Saturday, April 2. The "Conversation with Carol" is a real treat for people in the Triangle, as the DPAC is only one of three venues nationally hosting a "Conversation" event with Carol during the 2011 season.


Buddy Guy Coming to DPAC

buddyguy On Saturday, September 11, the man hailed as “Eric Clapton’s favorite guitarist”, Buddy Guy , will be playing the DPAC. Guy is one of the living blues legends, and has a magnetic personality (I had the opportunity to talk with him in the restroom last month in his bar. Very delightful person!)

Tickets are on sale and range from $35 to $55.


Serious Sports Live at High Park Tonight

From 8:30 to 10:30 tonight, Chip Patterson and Hayes Permar will host a night of jokes, songs, bed-wetting ghost stories, and other entertainment from Serious Sports Productions . You may have heard some of their material on David Glenn’s shows on 850 the Buzz and 99.9 The Fan. The event takes place at the High Park Bar & Grill (corner of Whitaker Mill and Bernard).

map it


Rail Recommendation Coming for Council Today

railprop The Raleigh City Council’s Passenger Rail Task Force will present their report and recommendations at today’s City Council meeting. The group analyzed three proposed plans for High(er) Speed Rail and how it will impact residents and businesses along corridors. The three plans are online , and viewing them before today’s 1:00 meeting (televised on RTN) will ease the viewer’s understanding of the subject matter.

The three maps for downtown are the most interesting ( map 1 , map 2 , map 3 – all pdf). The show alternative routes and possibilities for new crossing arrangements. One proposal puts the railway between Capital Blvd and Whitaker Mill Road. The other two put the railway on the Mordecai side of Capital Blvd.

The Task Force presentation falls on page 19 of the City Council’s 24-page agenda. So, while the agenda is not followed at a constant pace, and is sometime ignored, we can at least get a sense of when the presentation will be.


N.C. Tax-Free Weekend Begins Friday

Beginning at 12:01 am on Friday, there will be no sales tax on many items through Sunday night. Items such as clothing, footwear, and school supplies of $100 or less per item; school instructional materials of $300 or less per item; sports and recreation equipment of $50 or less per item, computers of $3,500 or less per item; and computer supplies of $250 or less per item will be exempt.

Clothing accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, protective equipment, wallets, furniture, items used in a trade or business, and rentals are not covered by the exemption and will be subject to the applicable tax.

Here is more info from the NC Dept of Revenue:


State Fair Tickets Go On Sale Monday

CarolinaChocDrops Monday morning (8/2) at 10am you’ll get your first chance to get tickets to upcoming events at the N.C. State Fair. Concert tickets, admission tickets, and ride tickets will be available online. The concert lineup for this year is almost complete (concert prices do not include the Fair’s general admission):

(The biggest act is slated for Saturday at $20, and is yet to be announced.)

Of course, these events have been added to the GogoRaleigh DoIt calendar on Google Calendar. More from the State Fair website:

Hoping to be in the front row for your favorite concerts at the State Fair? Then you better be sitting in front of you computer at 10 a.m. on Monday morning. That’s when we’ll flip the switch and tickets will go on sale. The first hour is usually pretty hectic and the website can get bogged down for little awhile as everyone tries to get those coveted seats. So I’m recycling our annual tips on how to have a successful concert ticket purchase:

  • BE PATIENT! Things may run a little slow, but your order won’t time-out.
  • Go to the State Fair’s website a few minutes before 10 a.m. You can either go to the Tickets page or the Concerts in Dorton Arena page to buy tickets for a specific artist. When it gets close to 10 a.m., start refreshing your browser. You’ll see “Buy Now” buttons when it’s time to go on sale. Note: It doesn’t matter what time it is on your computer. The tickets go on sale when the eTix server says it is 10 a.m., so it may be a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later than 10, based on your computer clock. But keep in mind that if you refresh too often, your computer may cache the page and not actually refresh. Check your browser settings to clear the cache if you still don’t see the “Buy Now” buttons.
  • You’ll want to buy your concert tickets FIRST. Then go back and buy your admission and ride books.  (Admission is NOT included in the price of the concert tickets.) And don’t forget about the Early Bird Special: if you buy at least $40 in purchases before convenience fees, you’ll earn a free admission ticket. (More information on the Early Bird Special program here .)
  • Have your credit card ready- we can only accept MasterCard & Visa. Don’t type spaces or dashes as part of your credit card number. Also, you’ll need to know your credit card’s security code , so go ahead and identify that ahead of time.
  • If you aren’t happy with the seat selection, you can try to check back a little later as better seats MAY be released. This is because a seat selection is held for at least 5 minutes. If a purchase isn’t completed, or if a credit card transaction is not approved, those seats will be re-released into the general pool of tickets available for purchase. WARNING: You are not guaranteed better seats if you wait because it depends on whether or not people go through with their transactions or not, so try this tactic at your own risk!

  • There is no limit on the number of concert tickets you can purchase (unless you are buying more than 99, in which case you need to contact us directly.)
  • Lastly, everything is processed through our great ticket partner, Etix . So if you have problems, they are going to need to help you out. Here’s a link to their support page .

DOCSIS 3.0 Coming to Raleigh

docsis3 A discussion at dslreports’ message boards reveals that several Time Warner Cable representatives have confirmed that their DOCSIS 3.0 service is coming to Raleigh in November. The service, which recently went live in Charlotte, provides internet access speeds of 50Mb down/5Mb up, about 10X the current speed of basic Road Runner services in Raleigh. The service is said to cost $99/mo, but will be in package offers, too. For example the SignatureHome deal is $179.95 for 12 or 24 months on contract (renewable for another 24 months) including 2 Whole house DVR’s, RoadRunner Wide Band, and Unlimited Phone.

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