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Capital Creations Remains Open

Just to clear up any confusion…last week Capital Creations pizza had to close their Medlin Drive location, but their Wake Forest Road location remains open.

  • Bob

    A couple of years ago, Capital Creations closed their North Raleigh outlet at North Ridge Shopping Center. Now, they have closed their Medlin Drive location. What is going on? What cannot they maintain their business?

    The trend is not good. In less than 3 years, they have shrunk from multiple branches to just one branch. The writing is on the wall. They need be competitive with multitude of other pizza delivery companies in this crowded market.

    Yes, they have creative, innovative toppings and crusts. However, in this market and in this economy, value is the key variable. Value = price + quality + service.

    Capital Creations has a quality product. However, their prices and service are somewhat off the mark. If they expect to survive, they will need to address these issues.

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