Total Wine Moving to The Lassiter?

Ever since Harris Teeter’s disastrous move across the Mississippi (Six Forks) to North Hills East, there has been a lot of talk about what would fill the old North Hills Plaza grocery store space. Many have lobbied for a specialty foods vendor or a bookstore. However word from a viable source is that Total Wine will move from its space tucked away in North Hills to the large, empty space in The Lassiter. While it is a huge step up from the little wine shop that once sat on the back side of the plaza, the news comes as a disappointment to people hoping the space would add a new opportunity for shoppers.


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  • Subway Scoundrel Said:

    I read the term “disastrours” and not sure why that is used. If I may speak for myself, I shop at the new NHs HT 10 times more now than I ever did when it was at the Lassiter. I thought the parking lot in the old location was much worse than the one now. Not sure if HT agrees with me but give me the new HT anyday over the old one.

  • Dana Said:

    Given that they are sending $20 off $50 coupons and people in the real estate game tell me that the store is doing terribly….

    I go in there about the same that I did with the Lassiter location, and see that the store has many more customers than the Lassiter did, but the costs to run the new store are extraordinarily higher – not to mention that the building didn’t come for free.

  • CX Said:

    Haven’t been to the new HT yet. If there is in fact more customer traffic at the new HT, and the more urban design (debatable) is better … then there has to be a way to make it easier for store to locate in buildings other than strip malls. If HT is struggling in North Hills, what about other stores like Food Lion.

  • Daria Said:

    I know the parking lot in the Lassiter isn’t so great, but it might offer more spaces in front of the store for Total Wine than in its current location which would be a good thing.

  • MikeB Said:

    My driveway offers more parking spaces than Total Wine’s current location. I was hoping the old HT spot would go to someone like the Meat House (though I would prefer it in the Fresh Market’s old Falls Village location) but the bigger location for Total Wine does make sense.

  • Dana Said:

    You’re wish may be coming true, Mike…

  • J Burton Said:

    The best thing that HT could do to strengthen their current location would be to:

    1) Pedestrian walk from the other side of North Hills along with landscaping to make it feel coherent and less exposed to Six Forks & 440.

    2) Install a spray park and mini-amphitheatre on their side of Six Forks.

    If there was some draw to tie together the two sides, it would make a world of difference. Distance-wise, it is close enough to walk, but the buzz of Six Forks would keep potential customers on the North Hills side. To make the whole mixed use concept work, there needs to be some other draw and something to ease the access of the property by pedestrians.

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