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ESPN3.com Coming to TWC

On October 25 Time Warner Cable customers will finally get access to ESPN3.com. I have to say that while the announcers are terrible and the production quality is not first rate, the lack of commercials in these games is really appealing. Some of the raw feed commentary during the “commercial” breaks is more interesting than the game itself.

In the meantime you can login by picking “Comcast” from the pulldown menu, then use footballboard as the username and warchant as the password.

  • Lee

    This deal is not too good going forward, IMO. Time Warner Cable is the first provider to link ESPN3 with the cable side. All the past deals have been with the ISP side so as an example, if you had DSL with ATT and DirecTV, you got ESPN 3 with Bellsouth. Under TWC’s terms, you have to sub to cable television service as well as cable internet to get ESPN3.

    If similar deals happen on the next round of negotiations for ATT, Verizon, etc we, the consumers may have much less choice in who we want to use for the various services.

  • Dana

    Ahhh! Good point, Lee. The dawning of the net neutrality debate to the mainstream. We’ll look back on this one day…

  • Daniel

    FWIW, I checked with TWC via phone and chat. I only subscribe to their Road Runner service. On chat they said I would have access. On the phone I was told I would have to be subscribed to their ESPN Game Plan package.

    Guess I’ll find out the real answer on the 25th. (Neither rep could tell me an actual date–internet FTW)

  • OTB & lovin’ it

    NOOOOoooooo!!! We have TWCx3 so I’m doomed. My husband is a man for all seasons & has been known to have 2TVs in the same room so he won’t miss any of the action. If I serve Thanksgiving Dinner @ 3:00PM, do you think that he will make it to the dining room table?

  • https://www.danamccall.com Dana

    Does he have a laptop?

  • Lee

    Daniel, I hope it works out, but this has been reported both locally and nationally as requiring TV and internet. Supposedly, the 6 week delay is down to them figuring out a way to get the authentication down to do it this way.

    Personally, I am tired of ATT crappy DSL (all they can give me is 3.0 due to pathetic backhaul capacity) and since my neighborhood and house was built in a a window of time between 2005-2007 that ATT was running fiber on the curb I am not going to be getting Uverse any time soon and have contemplated going to TWC for internet only, but no ESPN 3 means no way.

  • Mark

    Tried it this morning and it requires espn on cable package. I have road runner only and I am denied access at ESPN3.com after logging in with my time warner id.

  • Daniel

    Final Answer:
    It appears that your cable subscription does not currently include access to this content. If you would like to discuss your viewing options, or believe that you have received this message in error, please contact us at https://www.timewarnercable.com/contact (Message: QE12DCSN01)

    I despise you TWC!

  • https://www.mmipublicrelations.com/blog/ Jim

    While it’s nice that TWC is expanding their sports package, I feel like possibly they should direct some of this effort to other arenas. I personally would like to see a better variety in their music channels.

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