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Caniac Coach Gives Lifts to RBC Center

canecoach2 This year there is finally a way to ride a shuttle to games at the RBC Center. Pepsi, a few local restaurants, and other sponsors have teamed up to offer the Caniac Coach, a free shuttle bus to all home Hurricanes games, the NHL All-Star Game, major concerts, and select other events.

The shuttle departs from a few area restaurants such as:

  • Spring Rolls (North Hills) � 55 minutes prior to game time,
  • Tir Na Nog (Downtown) � 48 minutes prior to game time,
  • La Volta (Downtown � thanks cecil! ) � 52 minutes prior to game time,
  • more?�.

Seats are on a first-come, first-server basis, and no purchase is necessary.

Unfortunately there isnít a good or official website for this service. If you have seen the service being available from anywhere else, please let everyone know in the comments! canecoach1 Note: The service now has a website outlining pickup locations and times.

  • Bruce in NC

    Smart move! It is in its infancy but I can see this growing over time and becoming more organized.

  • cecil

    52 minutes before game time at La Volta. I saw it listed there about a week ago and can�t wait to give it a shot.

  • John

    Also saw it at The Oxford and El Rodeo Downtown. I think it was about 46 minutes prior.

  • Matt

    This would be great for NCSU games as well. Baby steps, I guess.

  • Doug

    Saw it in the shopping center with the new Carolina Pottery in Cary.

  • cecil

    So �participating restaurants� is a little misleading. There�s a decent web site now and the bus passes close to said restaurants. Routes and times is where you�ll see the actual bus stops. Hope this helps.


  • Dana

    Super, Cecil. Thanks for pointing out the arrival of their decent site. I wonder how many trips they executed with nobody knowing where the pickups were.

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