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Ted�s Montana Grill Closes

On Monday Tedís Montana Grill closed 9 underperforming stores around the county. One such outlet was the Triangle Town Center location.

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  • ct Said:

    The others were in Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha (can you spell BEEF?), Chicago, and DC. Most of the chain�s stores remain open.

    Didn�t seem to be much buzz about Ted�s at TTC. I wonder if it would have performed better if its location had been visible from US 1.

  • MikeB Said:

    Horribly run restaurant. Service was slow, food was inconsistent, and their prices just kept going up. There is no reason for a lunchtime bison burger, side, and a soda to cost me $17 after tax and tip. On three separate occasions I had large chips of bone in my house-ground burger and on one of those about a third of the �burger� was a mass of fatty tissue with visible blood vessels and bone. I almost threw up when I bit into it. Its the only time in recent memory that I have ever sent food back at a restaurant.

    I wanted the place to succeed �cause I love bison meat but it seemed doomed from the beginning.

  • burgeoningfoodie Said:

    At least the one at Southpoint is still going.

  • David Said:

    Ted Turner is a blowhard and quite possibly insane.

  • BillM Said:

    The portions were way too small for the prices charged.

  • Amy G. Said:

    I�m disappointed. I had problems at the Southpoint location, but never the Triangle Town Center location.

  • ct Said:

    I lived in Atlanta in the 1970s. Ted Turner may be a blowhard and might be insane, but he was a brilliant businessman.

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