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Borders Closing Most Area Locations

borders The Borders location at Six Forks and Wake Forest Roads is in the books. On Friday the company announced that it was filing Chapter 11 and will close 4 of its 6 Triangle stores including Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, and the Creekside location in Raleigh.

This bad news certainly isn’t a surprise, but surely doesn’t please landlords at places like North Hills, Cameron Village, Downtown Raleigh hoping to make their developments more browsable. This is just the beginning, too. As digital downloads envelope brick and mortar book sales, expect the final chapter from more booksellers.

  • whoknowswhatinraleigh

    Cameron Village has a great public library Dana. I don’t see how Borders closing makes Cameron less ‘browsable’.

  • Dana

    I don’t think the experience of strolling through the books our government has bought for us to borrow is quite like strolling through Barnes & Noble after eating at Crabtree, Southpoint, or Triangle Town Center. It’s a good library, but not quite the same as a B&N.

  • VaNC

    Yes, but Borders never was as pleasant an experience as B&N (although neither are as good an experience as Quail Ridge!

    I can’t put my finger on why I never liked Borders, but it just seemed I would go there…and never find what I wanted. It seemed they specialized in “pop” books…or something…cheaply made books about popular topics…like that first section on your left when you come into the B&N at Crabtree….but B&N only has two short rows of them….Borders seemed to have a whole store of them and no REAL books.

  • Dana

    I agree, Beth. Something about Borders seemed kinda plain.

  • http://www.raleighmsa.com Ernest

    Any business failure affects us. Even if our shopping experience wasn’t stellar, people are going to lose their jobs. I used to shop at Books-A-Million, and their closing came to me as a surprise, but the signs were there… I have no problem with Borders, and sometimes I find magazines and books I don’t find in B&N, but the latter has the edge, without question.

    Regarding a downtown location, I would love to see a B&N there. The closest ones are in Crabtree Valley, Brier Creek and Triangle Town Center, but that is not very close for a large segment of the population, particularly near the university, Cameron Village and downtown. Of course, an increase in downtown population – and the failure of Borders – may convince B&N that a more central location is needed. If Red Hat moves into a new tower, here is a chance for an urban B&N to be incorporated.

  • DPK

    Honestly I was never a huge fan of Borders. Something never felt right with me about going there. I was never comfortable browsing their shelves. Sounds weird, but I think I’ve gone into a Borders like once/twice in my life. B&N over a hundred easily.

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