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Needed: An Enchiladaria

menu If I ever found myself in a position of saying “It ain’t my money. I seriously do not care”, I would open something that would be a hit in Raleigh; an enchiladaria. I recently saw an episode of Mexico: One Plate at a Time where Rick Bayless featured La Casa de las Enchiladas in Mexico City. The restaurant is based on four pillars upon which customers can build their masterpiece. They pick from one of five types of tortillas, pick a filling, pick a sauce, select garnishes. If the tortillas are made in-house (area restaurants sorely need improvement with their tortillas), this could be an outstanding concept.

  • Guest

    Yum. I wish there was a place like Carrburritos in Raleigh (I could eat their burritos, chips and salsa every week!)…

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