RBC Center Turning Red

RBCSeats1This summer the RBC Center’s 100 Level is getting a long-awaited makeover. New seats are currently being installed and the good news for State fans is that they are, indeed, RED. RBC Center General Manager Dave Olsen said that the upholstery of the building’s original, 12-year-old seating is still in excellent shape, however the fading and failing red plastic seat frames were past their lifetimes. As seen in the accompanying photo, the seats had turned an awful mauve color that not even the ‘80s would have wanted back. Installation of the new seating has begun and will continue throughout the summer, dodging long-scheduled events.

I was able to visit Section 120 recently and saw that not only are the seats a solid, fairly bright red (though not as bright as Memorial Auditorium’s, thank goodness), the new frames for the seats are black, insuring against color slump from exposure to the arena’s bright playing surface lighting. The chairs are the same size as before, however the armrests feel slightly shorter and are bowed slightly.

Sections containing only the large chairs are being replaced first, so I still have not determined what style chair will be used in the upper rows in the end sections which previously contained smaller, less confortable chairs.

RBCSeats2While the chairs themselves are a nice replacement, the aisle lighting is emphatically not. The RBC Center has followed the technology bandwagon and installed white LED lighting under the last armrest of the row. Unfortunately the lighting is distractingly bright during a concert and has a yucky, almost blue hue that probably reaches the upper 5000K range of temperature. The lighting from the original seats was an extra-warm amber that was a perfect balance during dark events.

The seating replacement is expected to be completed before the first exhibition game for the Carolina Hurricanes in mid-September.


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  • Subwayscoundrel Said:

    I was at the Canes Select a Seat and saw both seats. The old seat plastic is faded which I had not noticed. The new seat color is way too red. Should have kept the wine color but hey, don’t want the wolfpackers to throw a fit like when the wine color seats were installed. :-) . Eitherway, I will be in the Priority section for the 11 year in a row for Canes games.

  • RaleighRob Said:

    For the aisle lighting, I’m pro-LED, but maybe take out every other one to compensate for the increased brightness.

  • Langstonlee Said:

    Too BAd about the Color Temp. Especially when one of the main LED lighting makers is right here in the area and the horrible blue-white of el-cheapo LEDs is something they have to fight against every day to sell their products in lighting fixtures.

  • Martypallets Said:

    Will the old seating be available for purchase?

  • Anonymous Said:

    Marty, I’ve been asking around and nobody can tell me. Try calling over there and asking for Dave Olsen (the arena GM)

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