Allen & Son BBQ Variant Coming to Five Points

It appears that Jimmy Stubbs from the Pittsboro Allen & Son Barbecue will be opening a store called “Five Points BBQ” in Raleigh. You can follow them on Twitter @5PointsBBQ.

At this point I still don’t know if the restaurant will be in the old Audio Buys building or if it will go into the old Johnson’s Pharmacy spot (at Oberlin and Fairview). Word has been that the people who overhauled the old Audio Buys were hoping the space would be retail, but would upfit the space for a restaurant if that is the only potential suitor they could find.


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  • Lee Said:

    Thanks. Now I’ll have “Audio Buys! …Goooooood, Vibrations!” in my head all day.

  • chris Said:

    I noticed that just recently For Lease signs were taken down in the space at Oberlin and Fairview and renovations begun.

  • Cthayes75 Said:

    Between this and Beasley’s Chicken opening today, today may be the best food day in Raleigh history.

  • Dineandtravel Said:

    I don’t know the Pittsboro Allen and Sons gets blasted for not being anywhere near as good as the Chapel Hill establishment. Also opening soon or today.. Nanataco (btw. nana’s and Q shack) and L’Uva a small Italian eater at ATC from the people at Revolution.

  • Huisman98 Said:

    According to a tweet by Andrea Weigl at the N&O who spoke to the owners of Pittsboro Allen and Sons this new place has no connection with th Pittsboro Establishment

  • Anonymous Said:

    The twitter page continues to announce the Pittsboro A&S connection:!/5PointsBBQ

  • Huisman98 Said:

    Yeah I’ve noticed. They’ve definitely got Andrea (and others confused) just look at her tweets. She is still looking for clarification. Very odd!!/andreaweigl

  • Oberlin Said:

    Well? Is this happening or not? Mandolin should be opening soon. This Stubbs guys hasn’t tweeted anything since August..

  • Anonymous Said:

    Good question. Strange sequence of events.

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