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Tilted Kilt Coming to North Raleigh

Arizona-based chain Tilted Kilt is coming to the former Cooker and Taste of Thai location in North Raleigh. After a careful review of the Celtic-themed restaurant and pub, they are obviously obsessed about two things…and maybe the food. Classy.

  • Adam

    Looks like a Celtic version of Hooters!

  • Lattegato

    Adam, The Raleigh Tilted Kilt will be managed by a district manager who has 20 years Hooters experience & a general manager with 15 years at Hooters so u nailed it. They have postponed a few times due to difficulties with permits but are finally on track. Strangely they didnt train any of the associate management team (saving $ was the reason given, that plus their training facility is in Arizona) so not sure I will check it out right after opening�.maybe wait a bit�.unless food & service has nothing to do with why u are going there.

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