Raleigh Still Ignoring Its Biggest Needs

At the end of 2010 I posted 30 of Raleigh’s biggest needs. Items from a tidied CAT bus system and event shuttle buses to fast Indian food and quick downtown taqueria still stand as idle problems. Thankfully we have seen improvements in the non-country concert schedules, better sanitation monitoring of food trucks, and the availability of fresh corn tortillas. However the remaining 27 needs still blow in the wind. A few of these are major projects, however many are simply a matter of will.

What would it take for the City of Raleigh install mileposts along Glenwood Avenue for better wayfinding all the way to the Durham County line? Why must CAT’s buses remain so dirty and why can’t that system tighten up their brand? Why can’t they offer special event shuttle buses from Moore Square to Walnut Creek and Booth Amphitheater? Why can’t we have a DPAC shuttle from downtown Raleigh?

The economy has been sluggish over the past few years, however many of the items on the list are not expensive, speculative ventures. We need an injection of spirit in Raleigh, and it wouldn’t help if that came from our elected leaders. Let’s get moving, Raleigh!


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  • mike Said:

    Why would there be a shuttle from downtown Raleigh to the DPAC when downtown has its own performing arts center? I could see a shuttle for the Durham Bulls however since downtown Raleigh does not have a minor league baseball team… yet.

  • gogoraleigh Said:

    The DPAC has vastly different programming and WAY more events than Raleigh’s performing arts center. After attending events at the DPAC, the last thing I want to do is jump on a boring highway for 30 minutes, park, and find a downtown Raleigh bar.

  • mike Said:

    Oh, I didn’t realize the shuttle could fly and avoid the 30 minute boring highway.

  • DBDowntowner Said:

    While I’m all for public transit, a private company has stepped up for the Raleigh – Durham evening service. http://thebridgebus.com/ I’ve never used them myself, but I like the idea.

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