Harris Teeter (not Publix) Coming to Creedmoor


One of the sites speculated to be the landing place for a Publix store will, in fact, be a Harris Teeter. Plans for The Point at Creedmoor (pdf) have been submitted to the City, and will be reviewed at tomorrow’s Appearance Commission meeting. On Page 6 of the Creedmoor Shops document show elevations with signage for Harris Teeter, specifically.

The center will sit in an acute triangular-shaped piece of land on the SE corner of Creedmoor and Millbrook Roads. Long ago the site contained a small gas station and store with a single car porte cochere. Ever since the widening of Millbrook Road, however, the plot has sat undeveloped. Joining the 50,000 sq ft Harris Teeter across the parking lot will be 6,000 square feet of retail space with its back to the intersection. It is an arrangement similar to that at Whole Foods in North Raleigh.

Not only am I disappointed that the store will not be Publix, I am disappointed that this development will be another soulless development crammed into a major intersection corner. Given the renderings, the development won’t carry any sense of character to differentiate itself from any other one of these we can find in any other instance of American suburbia. With arteries lined with forgettable developments, there is no reason to believe that Creedmoor won’t eventually follow down the path of other corridors in Raleigh that used to be nice.


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  • Chuck Till Said:

    Yes it’s disappointing, but there has been proposal after proposal to develop that corner in the last 20+ years. Nothing has materialized.

    I’m surprised that HT would build so close to an existing store (Stonehenge, only 2.0 miles away), but I assume they believe residential density is likely to increase in the polygon bounded by Creedmoor, Glenwood, Lead Mine, Town and Country, and Millbrook.

    Creedmoor Road, like Six Forks Road north of North Hills, will continue to see commercial redevelopment of underutilized parcels. The city’s master plan encourages this. At least the city did insist 25 years ago that NCDOT create planted medians when Creedmoor was widened. NCDOT wanted to pave the whole road, a la Falls of Neuse.

  • CallMeTim Said:

    Yeah – bummer… I had a Publix a couple blocks from me when I lived in Florida just before moving here 16 years ago. Great store – clean, decent (not great, but decent enough) prices, very helpful personnel. And, they paid their workers a working wage.

    Another HT is nothing to sneeze at, though – especially since this one will only be a mile or so from my home, and almost on the way home from work.

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