Download ACC Basketball Calendars to Your Phone

basketball[1] The ACC Basketball season gets underway Friday night, so it’s time to get organized by putting your favorite team’s schedule into your calendar. It’s never been easier with gogoraleigh’s set of ACC Basketball calendars. For iPhone and iPad users, half a dozen taps gets your favorite team’s basketball games into your iOS Calendar. For Android users, it’s even easier.

The gogoraleigh basketball calendars are the only calendars on the internet that include clean team name data, the game’s tip-off time, and TV coverage information. Android users get a bonus; a convenient map link for the game’s venue.


Gogoraleigh is also the only site that has a downloadable calendar that compiles all games of the ACC’s 15 teams. The Big Kahuna features all 341 ACC games and is perfect for those who want to keep up with big upcoming games across the league.Additional exclusives are home-only schedules for both UNC and NCSU.

Each calendar has a version that can be downloaded, however those who subscribe to a calendar feed will receive constant, free, background calendar updates as the season progresses.

New for this year: simplified instructions and a chance to send a donation in return for this easy offering! Simply click the schedule you want below, and follow the instructions.

ACC Basketball Calendars

Note: Maryland is defecting, so their calendar is not included in this collection. However, their games against other ACC opponents are included.


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  • Jim Beck Said:

    Can anyone give me specific instuctions to remove ACC calendar from iPhone 5. I want to add just my tems schedule.

  • dmccall Said:

    To unsubscribe, go to Setup | Mail,Contacts,Calendars. You should see an item in the list called “Subscribed Calendars”. Select it, then select the calendar you want to remove, then select “Delete Account”, then confirm in the pop-up box.

    What I recommend is keeping the ACC Calendar in the phone’s memory, but not displaying it at all times. To hide the calendar while you are still subscribed to it, go to the Calendar app and select the “Calendars” button in the upper left (it is center, bottom on the iPad). You should see a checkmark next to the ACC Complete Basketball calendar. Tap the calendar’s name, and the checkmark toggles off. Hit “Done”, and your calendar will now display with everything from before except for all of those basketball games.

    Go ahead and subscribe to your team’s calendar, though. Whenever you want to take a peek at the league’s games, just go back to Calendar | Calendars, tap the ACC Calendar, and all of those events will show up. They are still on your phone, you are just turning the overlay on and off. Repeat to turn them back off.

    This is really handy, say, on a Saturday morning when you want to see the day’s agenda from either the Day or Agenda view of the calendar. Hope this helps!

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