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Download ACC Basketball Calendars to Your Phone

basketball[1] The ACC Basketball season gets underway Friday night, so it’s time to get organized by putting your favorite team’s schedule into your calendar. It’s never been easier with gogoraleigh’s set of ACC Basketball calendars. For iPhone and iPad users, half a dozen taps gets your favorite team’s basketball games into your iOS Calendar. For Android users, it’s even easier.

The gogoraleigh basketball calendars are the only calendars on the internet that include clean team name data, the game’s tip-off time, and TV coverage information. Android users get a bonus; a convenient map link for the game’s venue.

android_cal_ss ipad_cal_ss

Gogoraleigh is also the only site that has a downloadable calendar that compiles all games of the ACC’s 15 teams. The Big Kahuna features all 341 ACC games and is perfect for those who want to keep up with big upcoming games across the league.Additional exclusives are home-only schedules for both UNC and NCSU.

Each calendar has a version that can be downloaded, however those who subscribe to a calendar feed will receive constant, free, background calendar updates as the season progresses.

New for this year: simplified instructions and a chance to send a donation in return for this easy offering! Simply click the schedule you want below, and follow the instructions.

ACC Basketball Calendars

Note: Maryland is defecting, so their calendar is not included in this collection. However, their games against other ACC opponents are included.


The Eagles Returning to PNC Arena

eaglesgreatest Legendary band The Eagles will make their return to PNC Arena on Friday, February 28. The tour is named “History of the Eagles�, so the playlist will include classics and some older songs they have never performed live. (No word on whether any band’s historical fights will be replayed on stage).

The Eagles are best known for hits such as “Hotel California�, “Take It To the Limit�, and “Lyin’ Eyes�. With 32.2 million copies sold, the band’s “Greatest Hits� album currently sits as the #3 best-selling album of all-time (behind “Thriller� and “Dark Side of the Moon�).

The public ticket sale will begin on Friday, November 9, however the AMEX presale begins Monday, Nov 4, at 10am.


Aloft Set to Elevate Hillsborough Street

aloft_rendering About 10 years ago the City of Raleigh began the process of restoring Hillsborough Street near NCSU. The street, once a revered college strip of business, restaurants and bars, had fallen into economic malaise as Centennial Campus and the residences of students migrated south of campus. About $13 million later, the street finds itself cleaned up, however the economic climate has been slow to follow.

That all changed with the announcement of an Aloft Hotel , set to replace Sadlacks and the strip that includes SchoolKids’ Records, two thriving, organic businesses that survived a tumultuous streetscape project. The two have found new homes (Berkeley Cafe and Mission Valley, respectively). Hopefully the West Raleigh community is set to embrace a much-needed hotel that, frankly, will be an exciting upgrade to Hillsborough Street both functionally and architecturally.

The preliminary plans show the hotel containing 135 rooms in a single 7-story building. There will be about 6,500 square feet (2 parcels) of street-level retail space that are better-suited to the pedestrian experience than the current buildings. Most likely the second level will contain Aloft’s branded WXYZ hotel bar with a balcony. Behind and under the hotel there will be 99 parking spaces and a tiny pool.

The exterior of the building will be a superb addition to the street. The Hillsborough St. side will appear like two separate buildings, likely to stay consistent with the pattern of buildings on the street that are “1-store� wide. According to the Site Plan (pdf) (which gives more detail than the rendering posted by TBC), the left half will be brick and feature columns of windows sets of varying widths. The center stepback section will highlight the building’s entrance with a building-tall sculpture. The right side, though, will be covered with insulated light gray metal panels and feature color cathode lighting at some of the window trims. The design will be the most sleekly modern commercial building in Raleigh, which is appropriate given the hotel’s proximity to the NCSU School of Design.

Raleigh has a Hillsborough Street problem and it has a Starwood Hotels problem. Since the Phase One renovation of Hillsborough Street completed, the street has had trouble gaining the economic footing for which planners hoped. The Aloft project joins the apartment project down at Morgan as well as the coming IHOP project as the first wave of a coming massive overhaul of the street, and it can’t come soon enough.

Starwood Hotels , one of the world’s largest, has an inexplicably paltry presence in one of the fastest growing areas in the country. There is an Aloft and Sheraton Chapel Hill and a couple of Four Points and the Sheraton Imperial in RTP. However the only other Starwood property in Raleigh is the Sheraton downtown (former Radisson); BIG problem. Though we continue to wait for a Westin property, we will certainly celebrate the arrival of the Aloft, only the second new hotel inside the beltline in 30 years. We need it, and we need it fast.

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NFL Calling?

NFL Back at the end of August grantland.com had an interesting article about the effects of international NFL expansion. Given the immense popularity of Premier League, the NFL looks longingly at the international broadcast rights and market penetration of the the soccer league. The article explains that London is the most logical choice as the first expansion market, and ponders the logistics of such a team. Considerations for scheduling, marketing, the players’ base city, and a training camp all have to be considered. However this is where things get interesting.

The team would need a U.S. training camp facility that has no current NFL team, a decent way of life, and an international airport. That’s where Raleigh finds its way into the discussion.

Read the article , and you’ll find yourself pondering for days the effects of an NFL franchise in London.


Wine Authorities Opening Raleigh Location

wineAuthorities Durham wine shop Wine Authorities will open their Raleigh location at Person Street Plaza (Person/Franklin Streets). The store focuses on “drinkers of everyday wine�, with price points below $50. In fact, the majority of the selection is under $15.

From the press release:

Wine Authorities has also won customers with the Enomatic – an Italian wine dispensing machine – ideal for sampling and tasting wines before purchasing. (1 ounce tastings range from 80¢ to $5) The Durham store was the first in the Triangle area to offer 12 wines for tasting throughout the day with the automated wine dispensers; the new Raleigh store will serve 24 different wines daily and boasts a larger lounge area. Wine Authorities will also serve local craft beers on tap, including Trophy Brewing, Crank Arm and the highly allocated Ponysaurus, once it’s available.

The store is planning a Mid-November opening.


Grubb Bringing More Apartments to Lake Boone Area

GreenwayVillage Due to the overwhelming demand for apartment space (as mentioned last week ), Gordon Grubb is developing a remote parcel near Lake Boone Trail and the Beltline with 3 medium-sized apartment buildings. The project, named Greenway Village (pdf), will be tucked into existing woods behind the Palms Apartments. The project will only replace about 28,000 square feet, a small portion, of the Palms Apartments, but will add 5X the space in 143 units.

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State Fair Introduces Free Pass for Lunch

StateFair Ever wanted to lunch at the fair but were turned off by the full-price admission fee? This year the N.C. State Fair introduces the Lunch Pass. After 11:30, one can buy a Lunch Pass admission card for $9 (cash only) at Gate 9 (Trinity Rd) and get a full refund if he/she exits Gate 9 by 1:30pm. The program only runs on weekdays, so Opening Friday, and Monday thru Friday are included.

Great to see the fair thinking of new ways to get more visitors involved. The two hour time period should provide ample time for most, while some might even have time to ride a ride and give that lunch up in a flash!


Walnut Creek Amphitheatre Loses Its Name, Again

walnutcreek It appears the naming rights period for Time Warner Cable has expired at Walnut Creek. The amphitheater, originally called “Walnut Creek Amphitheatre� has carried 3 different naming rights deals in its history; Hardees, Alltel, and Time Warner Cable.

The first show for the upcoming 2014 season was announced yesterday, and it features “Lady Antebellum at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre�, so it looks like until another naming rights deal is secured, the facility will fall back on its original, rightful name.

When corporate naming rights deals first came along, the names stuck with consumers. However after throwing away so many names, it begs two questions: do fluctuating names damage the brand of the facility, and do naming rights deals sway consumer decision making at all ? I can certainly say that I am mostly immune to these kinds of efforts (though I whole-heartedly thank RBC/PNC for ponying up half of the money for Raleigh to finally get an arena 😉 )


Apartment Complex Coming to Glenwood/Oberlin

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 11.10.44 AM Good news, Raleigh. Your worst building, the Kip-Dell Homes office at Glenwood and Oberlin is finally coming down, soon! This week the Raleigh Appearance Commission will consider another addition to Raleigh’s booming apartment market.

The 2600 project will contain roughly 150 apartments in a six-story complex that will replace both the Kip-Dell office and the neighboring U-shaped, brick apartment building. That site and height will be ample for some excellent views overlooking the Carolina Country Club golf course from the north-facing upper floor units. The complex is being developed by Gordon Grubb, and the architect is J Davis (as if you can’t tell from that rendering).

The decision to develop the property with apartments was apparently an easy one for Grubb, as I recently learned that the 290-apartment complex replacing Balentine’s received over 6,400 applications. While apartment projects around St. Mary’s, Hillsborough Street, and Oberlin are rocketing upward, we can probably expect more and bigger project announcements in the coming year (especially around Crabtree).

It will be interesting to see if the plans for the 2600 project will cause as much angst in the community as we’ve seen historically with that property. Around 1983 Guest Quarters announced plans to develop the site with a suite hotel of an approximately similar size to the planned 2600. Neighbors and Carolina Country Club members posted yard signs and used all available political clout to eventually cause Guest Quarters to cancel the project.

This is 2013, however, and the political climate in Raleigh and in the club are different. A different generation is in charge at the club, and the top ranking members have strong real estate backgrounds. Grabbing the popcorn…

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NCDOT Implementing 70 mph Speed Limit in Triangle

speed70 Today the NC DOT announced that they will be raising the speed limit from 65mph to 70mph on essentially the entire 540/toll road complex south of Glenwood Avenue. More specifically, the roads that will be raised to 70 are:

  • I-540 and NC 540 – the entire existing arc.
  • NC147 between I-40 and NC-540 – the toll expressway extension of Durham Freeway, south of I-40.

The signage changes will be complete by the end of this month.

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Big Changes to Solid Waste Services Begin Today

mailcan[1] Over 43,000 households will see big changes to their garbage and recycling pickup services beginning today. From this point forward all recycling pickup service will be from the blue rolling carts, not the small green bins. Many residents will see their garbage and yard trash schedules change, as routing for these services was altered in many neighborhoods.

Large cardstock notices were recently distributed in each zone, however the information is also online. The City of Raleigh has a fantastic service called Find My Service . Simply enter your address in the blank in the column on the right, and the resulting page returns the address’ school district, garbage collection zone, athletic district, and much more. Links to schedules for waste pickup are available from that site, too.

The introduction of 115,000 giant plastic containers for the purpose of recycling seems like a joke in-and-of-itself. However with the larger bins the city will reduce routing by only collecting recycling waste every other week. Residents can dispose of their green recycling bins in their new blue bins. Be sure that the dark green garbage bin and the blue recycling bin have at least 5’ of space around each. Do not Siamese twin these bins as it will add considerable time to the collectors’ routes.


Hunt Library is American Architects Project of the Week

HuntInterior1 This year American-Architects.com is profiling one building per week, each from a different state. This week the survey reaches North Carolina, and NCSU’s Hunt Library is the feature project. The short interview for the piece features some of the background and goals Snøhetta felt were important in the design process.

The Hunt Library is open to the public. Free tours begin at the Floor 1 entrance and are at the following times:

  • Wednesdays at 9:30 am
  • Fridays at 3:00 and 4:00 pm
  • Second Saturdays at 10:30 am

Why Restaurants and Grocers Should Trash the Bagged Lettuce

lettuce �Once, a long, long time ago�this lettuce was washed�

Lettuce is one of the most consistently consumed items of produce in America. Not only are salads the most popular appetizers, but lettuce is used frequently in entrees, too. Unfortunately there has been a recent uptick in food-borne illnesses from lettuce supplies. What has changed? The process of getting lettuce to our table, and some of these processes are leaving consumers helpless.

It used to be that consumers and restaurants could only buy whole heads of lettuce. Restaurants had to hire staff to clean and prepare the lettuce for service. The industry got more efficient, however, with the advent of supply-side washing and cutting. Certainly this meant that restaurants could reduce costs and simplify their operations. The proliferation of bagged salad products in grocery stores indicates soaring popularity among consumers, too.

The problem, however, is that food isn�t ever �sterilized� (ie eradicated completely of bacteria, spores, and viri). Once washed, lettuce still has bacteria, though in small amounts. That bacteria multiplies and the longer the time is between the wash and consumption, the more the bacteria will exponentially multiply. This is the problem with �prewashed� lettuce. It might as well read �once, a long, long time ago this lettuce was washed�. I took a bath last week, but that doesn�t mean I�m clean today. What�s scary is that this false sense of security is leading restaurants and consumers into simply dumping lettuce into bowls for immediate consumption; bad news!

Even worse, though, is the advent of supply-side lettuce chopping, especially when the head is separated in the field by the pickers� cutting. When lettuce is torn or cut, it heals by placing a membrane over the wound. The wound, which was just smeared with the bacteria-laden field worker�s or machine�s knife, encapsulates the bacteria in the lettuce, and no amount of washing later in the production line to consumer can remove it.

This is dangerous stuff, and should be taken very seriously not only by consumers, but by restaurants. Restaurants should go back to purchasing heads and washing and tearing them on site. Not only is the health of the customer affected, future sales are affected when their food makes customers sick. I feel that restaurants that are avoiding these supply-side processes should boast and differentiate themselves from the establishments that are careless with their lettuce preparations.

There is almost no such thing as a �24hr bug�. It is almost always some level of food poisoning. When there is a dangerous component of the supply chain that leaves consumers helpless, especially one that is as ubiquitous as lettuce, we can only rely on a consumer movement to force an appropriate change.

Let your favorite restaurants know that you care about the way lettuce is handled. Ask servers if the restaurant used bagged lettuce. Tell the manager that you want on-site lettuce separate. DON�T buy the bagged product in the grocery store. Don�t rely on the EPA to change this. They aren�t the ones who will have to count the tiles on your bathroom floor. YOU have to make the change.

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