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BurgerDawgs Coming to Cameron Village

The former Jill Flink space in Cameron Village is the site of a new concept restaurant, BurgerDawgs. Similar to Five Guys, BurgerDawgs will be a fast burger and fries joint with a limited menu. Behind the concept is John White, the younger-Richard-Gere-dead-ringer you may have seen at is Cameron Village Moe’s store. He is also bringing us the soon-to-open Flying Biscuit Cafe .


The Hayes Barton Story

At 1330 St. Marys an outdated office building is being gutted and reinvented. The office building was originally designed for doctors offices supporting the former Rex Hospital across the street. The hospital moved to its current location in 1980, and the building has seen better days. The Lewis Group has high hopes for their project, and has a website for the project that includes much information, including an nice summary about the Hayes Barton neighborhood:

The finest representation of Raleigh’s upper class domestic architecture is found in Hayes-Barton, a ca. 1920 suburb named for Sir Walter Raleigh’s birthplace in Devon, England.  Hayes-Barton is bordered by Glenwood Avenue, Fairview Road, Williamson Drive and St. Mary’s Street and is abundant with Pecan and Willow Oaks as well as faithful reproductions of Georgian and Colonial Revival homes that date back to the mid 1920s. Hayes-Barton remains an area of impeccably manicured landscapes and well-maintained facades, and still houses many of the capital city’s most politically and socially influential citizens.

Before the Raleigh city limits extension of 1920, the Five Points intersection consisted of dirt crossroads between adjacent farmlands owned by B. Grimes Cowper and Mrs. B.P. Williamson. In 1912 electricity provided by Carolina Power and Light Company powered a trolley line from Peace Street northward up the center of Glenwood Avenue to the newly created Bloomsbury Amusement Park, behind what is now the Carolina Country Club. Brilliantly lit on weekend evenings, Bloomsbury Park housed a roller coaster, a boathouse overlooking the lake, and a carousel. Within several years the picnic and amusement facility dissolved and later the carousel was moved to Pullen Park.

As is usually the case, development followed the transportation system, bringing scattered homes and a store or two to the Hayes Barton area between 1912 and WW I. With much foresight, The Allen Brothers realty firm struck an agreement with the two farmland owners to develop their combined 175-acre property. The former’s land was situated on the west side of Glenwood while the latter’s holdings were located to the east of Glenwood. Landscape architect Earle Sumner Draper was commissioned to create a design based upon principles seen earlier in Charlotte’s Myers Park. All lots have 40 feet of frontage and the natural contours of the land were preserved. Hayes-Barton appealed to the well-to-do with its promise of private large wooded lots and close proximity to downtown Raleigh. The Fairview Company, which sold the lots, saw a slow start in the post World War I economy. By the end of 1921, however, nearly two-thirds of the lots were purchased.

Hayes-Barton continues to grow, still offering the convenience of downtown Raleigh and the beauty of Draper’s well-preserved plan.  The area remains known as one of Raleigh’s most historical, cultural and influential addresses.


Noodles & Co. Coming to Cameron Village

Noodles As previously mentioned, Cameron Village is set to get a new noodle shop. Turns out that Noodles & Co . will be taking the spot formerly occupied by The Grape. The quickly growing chain outlet offers noodles in three styles (Asian, Mediterranean, and American) at rock bottom prices, according to the Durham location’s menu (.pdf file).


Francesca’s Collections Opens Monday

francescaslogo Cameron Village’s newest boutique offering, Francesca’s Collections , opens Monday. Located on Woodburn St. (in the strip that contains Talbots) Francesca’s features women’s apparel, jewelry, accessories, and gifts. This will be Francesca’s fourth North Carolina store.

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francescas2 francescas3 francescas1


Fosters American Grille Resurrects in Cameron Village

Fosters0 There once was a time, just before Glenwood South really took off, that Clarence Foster’s Raleigh branch was the place to go out in Raleigh. If you went around Christmas, you’d just about see anyone you ever knew. Times moved on and the owners got itchy to retheme the site. After an extremely expensive overhaul, the restaurant reopened as Nelson’s, aiming at high-end seafood lovers. The concept fell short of expectations and after an reorganization of ownership and modest renovation, Fosters American Grille quietly opened on May 8.

Fosters1 The new menu packs in much variety at prices directly aimed at the Village Draft House’s market. In addition to predictable appetizers and salads, there is an excellent selection of sandwiches, pastas and entrees. The restaurant also offers delivery service to a reasonable area (call 821-5969 for details)

It remains to be seen if Fosters’ nightlife will ever return to pre-Glenwood era levels, but you never know. For now, though, it seems the restaurant is finally addressing areas much-needed by the family audience that cannot support fine dining.

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Cameron Village Corner to be Redeveloped

TBJ reported (with a rendering ) on Friday that Crescent Resources , a real estate corporation out of Charlotte, has plans to redevelop the largely-vacant Cameron Village corner at Oberlin and Clark/Peace with a residential and retail complex. It will be one of Crescent’s first true mixed use projects.

The project must first pass muster with neighbors who have a reputation for fearing change. While the structure is reported to be up to 120 feet tall, the height is likely determined to be from the project’s true base, the parking area for the old Balentine’s lower level, which is roughly 30 feet below the Oberlin Rd. elevation.

We’ll learn much more about this project on July 15 when there will be a public hearing at City Hall.

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Brixx Pizza Coming to Oberlin Court?

According to some sources, the 11-store Brixx Pizza chain will be one of the street-level retailers in the soon-to-be-completed Oberlin Court project. Phase II, which abuts Oberlin Road at Wade will contain almost 30,500 square feet of retail and over 105 apartments on three floors above. We already know that Rita’s Water Ice will be coming.


Flying Biscuit Coming to Cameron Village

flying_biscuit According to Sue Stock’s column this morning, the Atlanta-based Flying Biscuit Cafe is coming to Cameron Village (presumably where Hold Your Own was). The Flying Biscuit is an awesome little sandwichy, breakfasty little joint that is not pretentious, and actually leans a little toward the granola side of things.

Raving Brands bought the neighborhood joint a couple of years ago and is beginning to turn these mothers out. Hopefully they will give us a better product this time around.

Not to be missed (in fact, we’ve planned Atlanta trips around this) are the Love Cakes.

Three black bean & cornmeal cakes, sauteed and topped with a tomatillo salsa, sour cream, feta cheese & spears of red onion.

We’ve actually made these at home and truly love them as a side dish to something like Ropa Vieja or something else Hispanic. Here’s the recipe .

The Flying Biscuit has five Atlanta area locations and one in Charlotte.


Cherry (Store) To Close Its Doors

image Cherry Modern Design has decided to close shop in late May. The modern furniture store moved from Glenwood Avenue to Cameron Village just over a year ago. While many browsers were wowed by the selection, ultimately (and unfortunately) the market in this area is just not that keen on the modern look.

Word is that frequent customers got wind of the news and bought up a lot of good stuff in the last couple of days…but there is still some left! Carlton & Co. will move to the space currently occupied by Cherry.


Cameron Bar and Grill Opening Midweek

Cameron_bar_and_grill The highly anticipated Cameron Bar and Grill is slated to open in the middle of the week. The establishment, on the south face of Cameron Village, is the latest offering from the DeMartino family. With the family’s offerings of Piccolo Mondo, Cafe Tiramisu , and North Ridge Pub , they are local culinary legends. (Anyone who got to eat at Piccolo Mondo got a real treat).

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Cameron Village Chick-Fil-A On Hold

Word is that the Chick-Fil-A planned for Cameron Village has been put on hold due financial issues related to the nation’s banking crisis.


"Noodle Store" Coming To Cameron Village?

I heard a rumor today that a “noodle store” is going to open in the former Grape spot in Cameron Village. Anyone heard more? Soup? Fresh pasta??


Tatton Hall Makes Way for Wal-Mart

tatton.jpg Developers Smith and Smith announced today that Raleigh’s Tatton Hall will be razed and replaced by a new Wal-Mart. Representatives for Wal-Mart say they are excited to introduce this opportunity to central Raleigh. ( map it )

Members of a local group are ecstatic to replace the aging structure. “It lacked grounded outlets, had mold, and needed huge upgrades to the plumbing and HVAC systems,” said Herbert Schmitt. “I’m glad to see something new in this part of town.”

The group’s opponents are even more excited to replace one of Raleigh’s houses least-complying with its neighborhood. “The setback, height, and materials didn’t even come close to blending with its neighbors,” said Josh Welbourne. Josh is president of of Raleigh’s chapter of Youths Against Wealthy Neighborhoods (Y.A.W.N.). “I’m glad to finally see something around here that serves the other America.” He also noted that houses like Tatton, with their large yards, contribute to sprawl, and added,”This Wal-Mart will prevent the construction of a new one in one of Raleigh’s perimeter areas.”

Residents in the area are particularly excited about the new retail opportunities offered by Wal-Mart. The site was once eyeballed for a much-needed Harris-Teeter, but Wal-Mart entered the picture with a higher bid for the property. Local politician Philip Meek is particularly excited. “I finally have a place inside the Beltline to buy underwear!” Raleigh’s ITB area has had a well-known scarcity of underwear outlets since the closing of Cameron Village’s Thalheimer’s location. The problem is so great that many have affectionately called the area of Raleigh “Commando Village”.

Construction will begin once readers understand that I wish everyone a Happy April Fool’s Day.

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